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Access Statement


On facing the house there is a gate on the right of you. Through here there is a garden settee and chair with a small table, surrounded by small lights, which allows the area to be used at night. Back on the pavement you will find a small step up, with a pavement leading to a flight of  6 steps up to the front door, There are hand rails on the right hand side and centre of the steps. The small entrance landing is approximately 3 foot deep with a small step up to the main door. On the right of the frame there is a bell to ring for reception, this is the only time you will need to ring. Once you have booked in, you will have an electronic key to enable you to come and go as you please. The key sensor is on the left of the second door. Once the key is presented, there will be an audible signal to let you know that the door has unlocked. There is also a green light to give visual confirmation. The door can then be pushed open. The corridors are all well lit.


In the hall there is a bell on the wall (right hand side) above the guests comments book. This can be used to summon assistance. Opposite here, there is a sideboard with a lamp if needed. There are writing materials here if needed.

The Television  lounge

This is to the right of the front door, in here you will find two reading lamps as well as the main ceiling light. Any guests who can't use the dining room because of mobility problems etc. may be served their meals in here. There is a dining table and chairs to seat two people. Guests then use the bell in the hall to summon assistance. The television is a 28 inch screen with surround sound and teletext sub-titles for anyone with hearing loss. Also, there is a comfortable recliner chair.

Ground floor accommodation

We have two ground floor rooms, both en-suite. The rooms are clearly identified with raised numbers. There is a good colour contrast between floors, walls and doorways. All rooms have remote controlled TVs.


Room number one (the larger of the two)

There is one double bed and one single bed,  a comfortable easy chair, and wash hand basin in the room. In the en-suite, there is a low level toilet and a shower with a glass door.

Room number three

This  is a double room with one double bed. In the en-suite, there is a low level toilet, hand wash basin, and, up a small step, is the shower with a glass door.  Also on the ground floor there is a toilet with a wash hand basin for use by all guests.

The dining room

This is reached down a flight of thirteen steps, and  has one, two and four seater tables. For partially sighted guests food can be arranged on the plate with reference to the face of a clock.  i.e. meat at twelve, Carrots at nine etc. etc.


Each room has table lamps with normal lamp switches. If you have difficulty using this type of switch ,we will arrange a different lamp type for the duration of your stay.


We're sorry but, WE DO NOT HAVE A LIFT

We can be contacted by fax machine if you have difficulty hearing when using the telephone.

If you need a brochure with larger print we will be happy to help.

Help with luggage is always available on request.

We have good reception for mobile phone users on 02.

We are trained in disability awareness.

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